Dennis Martire becomes a union voice in the mid-atlantic U.S.

May 25, 2020
Dennis Martire

The Laborers’ International Union of North America consistently fights for the rights of workers. Its many dedicated employees work on various initiatives toward bettering the environment and compensation (among other things) of workers. And to make projects easier to tackle, LIUNA looks at North America on a region by region basis. Dennis Martire specifically focused on the mid-atlantic area of the United States in this important work. In his elected role of vice president and regional manager for states such as Maryland and Virginia, he tirelessly works toward helping workers here, including aiding them as they unionize.

Dennis Martire has held this vital role since 2002, working since 2000 within the mid-atlantic area. He currently resides in the northern Virginia area with his family after growing up in the Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania. Martire’s direct connection to the area and its workforce has helped him put his entire heart into cultivating change for workers here.

Dennis Martire’s strong LIUNA commitment

November 20, 2019
Dennis Martire

Since 1990, when he began with the organization, Dennis Martire has held a deep regard and commitment to the Laborers’ International Union of North America. He’s partook within his local chapter of the organization, #1058 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in addition to serving in a variety of LIUNA leadership roles. Martire has extended his service to numerous advisory boards as well, providing his knowledge and skills to these volunteer committees. Some of Dennis Martire’s board work includes the Blue Ribbon Commission on Maryland Transportation Funding, chairman of the Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Employers Cooperation and Education Trust, trustee for the LIUNA National Health and Welfare Fund, chairman of the Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Political League and part of the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee. This extraneous work beyond his professional roles demonstrates Martire’s sincere dedication to laborers where he resides and across the United States.